TimeMate: Biometric Time & Attendance
Managing time and tracking attendance manually is a frustrating activity known only to a Business Owner or a payroll Manager. Intelliob TimeMate attendance management software records time and attendance details from fingerprint biometric devices or other time keeping devices to manage employee time and productivity efficiently.
TimeMate tracks employees Attendance & Time and provides a daily understanding of time records as reports or for processing by PayCare payroll software. As a result, TimeMate cuts down on administrative time, safeguards from time mismanagement errors, and savings in terms of money and man-hours that could have been lost due to mishandled time cards and employees punching in for each other.
modules & features

Time Options

Contract Time: A simplified module for the tracking of casual and contract workers presence without assigning them to any specific pre-set schedule.

Fixed Time: This Module is suitable for use in manufacturing, health care or similar industry, where the environment is like fixed time within scheduled shifts and night work.Working time schedules with shift definitions, workdays, holidays. User defined Time & Attendance, events and categories like Arrival, Departure, Sick Leave, and Annual Leave.

Flexi Time: Suitable for time and attendance control in organizations like banks, insurance companies and any similar "office-type environment", Where the total no of hours worked is what needed.

Web Application Server Module

Web module been designed to facilitate the most frequent user and administrative tasks. It can significantly simplify the installation and maintenance of complex or geographically dispersed systems with a large number of clients.

Web Time Attendance

WebMate provides online clocking solution for remotely located individuals or small groups of users in situations where installation and connection of classic time recording device (clocking terminal) is too costly or impractical.

WebMate can also significantly simplify the installation and maintenance of complex or geographically dispersed systems: Workstations only need a connection to the Inter/Intranet and a web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera or Netscape). User identification is done simply by entering username and password. If necessary, stronger identification can be added by using a badge reader or biometric device.


No special or unusual requirements are need in deploying TimeMate. Any Standard PC with Windows OS, LAN or WAN IP based network would be sufficient. Backend database used is, Microsoft MSSQL or Oracle depending on user requests. For smaller setups, license-free MSDE can be used.


Facility for easy localization has been provided in the system for use in local languages. TimeMate can be made available in local languages for catering to organizations that are spread across different geographical areas.

Report Á MIS

A variety of reports can be produced to give you the information you need in a format you can use.
● Attendance Report.
● Time Attendance Report.
● Lateness Report.
● Overtime Report.
● Overnight Report.
● Leave Report.
● Absence Report.
● Exception Report.
● Shift Roster Report.
● Clocking Report.
● Staff Not Working Report.
● Staff Not Clocking Report.
advantages & benefits
● Cut down on administrative time.
● Flexi Time: Office-type environment.
● Fixed Time: Environments with shift work and night work.
● Contract Time: Casual and contract workers.
● Access via intranet or Internet using web browser.
● Embedded localization capability.
● Graphical representation of events, schedules and time calculations
● Interfaced with PayCare or existing Payroll software.
technical specifications system requirements
TimeMate has been developed using the latest yet proven Microsoft tools like Visual Studio 2003 that ensures performance and ease of use. Its architecture is 3-tier that gives TimeMate high scalability. As with all of our products, the strictest Quality Control and Documentation methods have been adhered to ensure error-free operation. Last but not the least, TimeMate comes with Intelliob commitment to continued support, thus protecting your investment in TimeMate for years to come. The following operating systems are supported:
Client 32-bit: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows 98
Database: MS SQL Server.
Download e-brochure for TimeMate in Adobe PDF format.
Download e-broucher
Visit TimeMate website
product demo
View online demo of this product or register for an assisted demo given by one of our representative or through a hosted link.
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