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02 PayCare: Payroll Software

A revolutionary HR & Payroll system that promises to take the pain out of HR Department. PayCare is a part of Intelliob Accord family of Enterprise Resource Planning Framework.

PayCare is a comprehensive HR Management solution. At the time of setting up PayCare for your organization, wizards guide you through setup screens that will accept global terms like your organization details and create master databases of employees, designations, departments, leaves, pays, pay dates, holidays, taxation, credits, deductions, et al. This information is secured and can only be modified by authorized personnel. With a setup time of about ten minutes, PayCare delivers true out-of-the-box experience. For regular usage, authorized users must log in to PayCare. Depending upon the access rights allotted to them, PayCare will present them with intuitive menus. These menus provide access to a host of modules.

Employee Records

This module allows for the adding or modifying employee details. All employee information required by your organization will be entered here. This module also allows for updating employee information like marital status, employment status, residence, emergency contacts, etc. Photographs and even biometric data of the employees can also be stored here.

Time & Attendance

PayCare makes attendance monitoring a snap. Attendance can be recorded either through manual entry or any automated system like biometric devices, or swipe cards. PayCare computerizes leave applications and employee with sanctioned leaves will be marked as 'On Leaves' automatically. Apart from common types of leaves,

Payroll Payments

This module lets you specify paydays for each designation, department or the entire organization. Employee details like basic pay, standard allowances and deductions, special allowances, investments, arrears, bonus, etc. all determine the pay slip generated by this module. Supplementary Pay Sheets can also be generated to handle interim credits and debits.

Tax Compliance

PayCare's Tax module can compute tax dues based on prevelant taxation laws. Tax module's extended features also cover'Form16', 'Form24', 'Provdent Fund', 'ESIC Statements' generation, Income statement and tax projectionand more. The application has facility to generate ASCII file for validating with NSDL utility is also available for payment of eTDS.

Report & MIS

PayCare has a host of routine and special reports as well as MIS information. Regular reports like attendances, overtime, advances, loans, etc. are all provided for. Service Records are the complete history of an employee beginning with his entry into the organization, through promotions, achievements, et al till leaving the organization. Overall HR costs, employee Cost To Company, departmental costs, Income-Expenditure analysis, and a host of such MIS tools are also provided with PayCare.

Documentation & Help

PayCare comes with comprehensive Systems and User manuals. Online context-sensitive help is also provided. These mechanisms are superfluous since the friendly interface, intuitive navigation and easy learning curve mean that users will rarely require help. Intelliob also has its own customer-care setup to provide telephonic and email support to all of Intelliob PayCare users. Regular updates are informed of changes in statutory and tax changes as per applicable organizational or government policies.