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Financial Accounting

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Get organized by storing and organizing all your financial information centrally.


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01 MoneyFacts: Web Accounting

Intelliob MoneyFacts enables you to get organized by storing and organizing all your financial information in one place in a centralized secured and managed data format so that you have a complete view of your business at all time.

MoneyFacts is a comprehensive Financial Accounting solution. At the time of setting up MoneyFacts for your organization, wizards guide you through setup screens that will accept global terms like your organization details and create master databases. This information is secured and can only be modified by authorized personnel. With minimal setup time, MoneyFacts delivers true out-of-thebox experience.

Billing & Inventory

MoneyFacts Billing and inventory module take care of the sales billing & recording of the purchase transactions with automated GST computations. It also handles creation of your product groups, product categories and items with unit of measurement and pricing.

Accounting & Tax

MoneyFacts modules include General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash book, Bank Book, Accounts Re-conciliation, Journals & Registars, Budgeting & Cost Centres, Inventory,Management System, Form 16, TDS, GST, and more.

Chart of Accounts

In Chart of Accounts, create the names of accounts that your company has identified and made available for transactions in its general ledger. You can assign chart of accounts by name and unique number. You have the flexibility to tailor chart of accounts that best suit your organizational needs.

Accounts Receivables & Payables.
Journals & Registers.
Accounts Dashboard.

General Ledgers

Create any no of ledgers under chart of accounts and post verified transactions to General Ledger or Subsidiary Ledger by date, account type or by created user. Maintain, Sort and View Day book for postings and reports with view of accounts Summary by Group of Accounts or individual ledger and more.

Cash & Bank.
Financial Statements.
Posting Alerts & Approvals