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Accord eHR.

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01 Accord eHR: HCM

Intelliob Accord Cloud HR is a revolutionary HRMS system that promises to take the pain out of HR Management, Accord HRIS solution has been designed with a view to integrate all HR related functions right from recruitment, creating positions to disbursing pensions.

Of all the domains in an organization, HR plays the most vital role of bringing new people in the organization while taking care of the existing employees as well. It is also one of the most over-looked departments as well. As a consequence, it becomes very difficult for HR Managers to maintain operational efficiency at optimum levels. Accord eHR views your workforce as your assets. Therefore it tracks recruitment, skill pools, knowledge banks, employee histories, personal records, appraisals and attrition like an Asset Management Tracks your assets. These are the kind of tools that sets Accord eHR in a league of its own in HR Systems and helps your organization achieve the lean and mean structure that every organization aspire for.

Employee Relations

The core function of this module is to ensure that the Organization's employment relations are conducive to optimizing the contributions of its human resources. The Accord e-HR Employee Relations Module helps mangers interpret employee policy, administer employee benefits and manage industrial relations and Health & Safety issues.

Policies & Procedures. .
Benefits Administration.
Industrial Relations Advisory.
Occupational Health & Safety

Recruitment & Planning

This modules manage the Organization staffing needs. It assists managers in assessing the Organization manpower requirements effectively; ensuring vacancies are filled promptly. This Module also handles job/role positions and on Organizational structures design and the appropriate placing of staff within the Organization.

Application Processing.
Appointments & Engagements.
Manpower & Organizational Design.
Succession Planning.

Organiztional Development

The Organizational Development Module assists mangers to record, maintain and manage the internal development of the Organization's resources so that organizational performance is maximized. A critical area of this module is the Performance Management & Appraisals function. This function handles the individual performance management details, which is centered on the staff appraisal process and the development of staff through training interventions.

Performance Management & Appraisals.
Training and Development.
Change Management.
HRIS Employee Self Service Portal.

Payroll with Time Attendance 

In most organization Payroll function is performed by the department of the Finance division. In Accord e-HR, Payroll is an integral part of the HRMS Solution and authorized data entered into the employee file automatically effects payroll on approval. The calculation and payment of wages, salaries and pensions are made considering deductions, allowances, overtime etc. in accordance with Organizational policies and government regulations. 

Payroll Processing.
Employee Tax computation.
Time & Attendance
Statutory Compliances