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Intelliob SafeOver is a Cloud based Web Content Filtering and Internet Safety Software that offers organizations a safe and protected internet experience by blocking inappropriate violent and adult web content from websites, social networking sites and online game portals.  Best suited for Corporates, Educational Institutions, Small Business, Governemnt Offices and Home Users.
INTERNET: The knowledge super highway. Ever thought how does it affect our day to work in our organization and our children at home?

The emphasis on social networks to stay connected with friends and family is becoming more common. The need of employees to sneak-a-peek on social networking sites, surfing on adult contents that keep them connected is becoming a major concern for many businesses owners. Social networks may help individuals as they provide quick communication but using these resources during working hours has shown to decrease the productivity of employees with wasted internet bandwidth and more. Also compliance to organizational HR policies, and reputation of a company is at stake and is a major issue that if taken care in advance is better.

We all know the Internet is filled with porn. Report says, "Porn industry comes third after Google and Facebook. 30 % of total global Internet traffic is porn."Another statistics reveal that by the age of 11, every kid has landed upon such adult sites unintentionally! There are more than moral and personal concerns to pornography, however the legality behind pornography, more specifically, behind cyber porn, is complicated and is difficult to manage.

Intelliob SafeOver Web Content Filtering is based on more than 10 years of research, development and industry experience. Our success is built on listening to our customers and incorporating what we learn into superior technology solutions.

If a website contains bad language, sex and nudity, or violence we provide both a category and the context, artistic, educational, medical (if appropriate), based on Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) standards.

Our solution provides the highest level of accuracy while maintaining the industry’s fastest performance times.
modules & features

Dynamic Categorization

SafeOver worldwide generates more than 240 million web requests every hour, and the new URIs from among those are evaluated by our cloud-based categorization and added continuously to our Master Categorization Name Servers which in turn provide those categorizations to our customers.SAFEOVER categorizes websites into content categories in 63 languages.

Keyword Blocking

In addition to our dynamic categorization, SafeOver also provides intelligent keyword blocking throughout the solution.

SSL and HTTPS filtering

In addition to HTTP filtering, SAFEOVER provides unique approach to encrypted traffic filtering enables fast and effective filtering without jeopardizing security certificates.


Force SafeSearch on all major search engines.

Customizable Categories

SafeOver enables the master admin (or an assigned local administrator) to create custom categories and manage the URLs contained within (the custom categories).

Customizable Block Pages

SafeOver presents a “Site Blocked” deny page to a user requesting access to a website outside (the user’s) allowed filter settings. The deny page can include the reason (designated category) for the requested/denied website. Users of SAFEOVER Web site / URL Content Filtering are guaranteed their users will not be blocked access to a URL due to it being wrongly categorized..

advantages & benefits
● Offers Employees and Students a safe and protected internet experience by blocking inappropriate violent and adult web content from websites and online game portals.
● Based on more than 10 years of research, development and industry experience.
● Provides both a category and the context, artistic, educational, medical (if appropriate), based on Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) standards.
● Real-time web content filtering, SafeOver scans a website for pornography and other mature content and blocks it or warns you about it..
Web Contenet Filter
SAFEOVER provides categorization for websites in many different languages. Additional web sites in other languages are also reviewed and may be added.

SafeOver Benefits:

Prevent Loss of employee Productivity. Many a Organization incur huge loss in productivity due to employee activity on internet like social networking site, surfing on porn or adult and inappropriate site content during work hours.

Optimum use of available network bandwidth and performance. Because of the above activities there is an increase in downloads of related to these kind of contents which resluts in loss of valuable network bandwidth and performance.

Compliance to organizational legalities. Ensuring legal compliance across organization has been a major concern of many business and the need is to prevent and protect yours and you customers valuable data to becomes vulnerable when exposed to these innapproriate web sites and contents.

Enforcement of employment policies. Enforfement of employment policies that covers computer and internet useage rules and regulations is the responsibitlity of the organization to implement and monitor for any breach.
More Information

Block Pronography, Social Networking, Games & Entertainment, etc.

Increase Employee Productivity & Reduce wastage of bandwidth.

Cloud based Web Contenet Filtering

No Seperate IT experts or firewall hardware box required

Easy Online installation, configuration and ready to use system.
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