MoneyFacts: Financial Accounting
Intelliob MoneyFacts enables you to get organized by storing and organizing all your financial information in one place in a centralized secured and managed data format so that you have a complete view of your business at all time.
MoneyFacts is a comprehensive Financial Accounting solution. At the time of setting up MoneyFacts for your organization, wizards guide you through setup screens that will accept global terms like your organization details and create master databases. This information is secured and can only be modified by authorized personnel. With minimal setup time, MoneyFacts delivers true out-of-thebox experience.
modules & features

General Ledger

Chart of Accounts: List the names of accounts that your company has identified and made available for ransactions in its general ledger.You can assign chart of accounts by name and unique number. You ave the flexibility to tailor chart of accounts that best suit your organizational needs. Sample Chart of Accounts Available.

Ledgers: Create any no of ledgers under chart of accounts.

Postings: Post verified transactions to General Ledger or Subsidiary Ledger by date, account type or by created user.

Day Book: Sort and View Day book for postings and reports.

Group Summary: View accounts Summary by Group of Accounts

Accounts Receivable / Payable

Transaction: Manage Sales & Receipt Transactions

Receipt Bill Wise: Manage Bill Wise Receipt

Sundry Debtors: Sort and View Sundry Debtors by date, month

Register: Sort and View Receipt & Sales Register

Bill Receivable: View Pending Bills Receivables by date and age

Cash & Bank

Bank Book: Create and manage multiple bank accounts, view bank statements by date, month or by accounts.

Cash Book: Manage and view cash in hand and all cash transactions by date and account.

Inter Bank Transfers: Manage Inter bank transactions.

Bank Reconciliation: Verify amounts on the bank statement are consistent or compatible with the amounts of the company's cash account in general ledger and vice ersa. View and identify deposits in transit, Outstanding Cheques, Bank Errors, bank interests earned or deducted, bank services charges and adjust the balances as per books

Cash Flow: The statement Cash flow is one of the main financial statements. View cash flow statement reports of the cash generated and used during the time interval specified in its heading.

Financial Statements

Balance Sheet: The accounting balance sheet is one of the major statements used by accountants and business owners. It presents the company's financial position at the end of a specified date.

Profit & Loss: View Income statements that shows profitability of company during the time interval specified in the heading.

Trial Balance: View Trial Balance to ascertain equality of debit and credit balances.

Journals Á Registers

Transactions: Manage and maintain Journal, Debit Note & Credit Note Entries for Sales Returns, Damages etc with narrations.

Register: Manage and maintain Journal, Debit Note & Credit Note Registers.

Budgeting and Cost Centers

Manage Budgets: You can create and manage any number of budgets, for any account or group of accounts, for any period.

Cost Centers: Helps you manage cost centers & accounting for projects, allocate incomes and expenses; evaluate job costing and

Configure MoneyFacts

Company Creation: New Company Setup with required information like accounting period and company tax information.

Multi Currency Setup: Manage Multiple currencies with facility to transact in different currencies.

Manage Tax Groups: Complete support for VAT, Sales Tax, TDS, Service Tax etc.

User Access Rights: Protect your worksheet by assigning read-only and edit passwords so that none but users authorized by you may edit or even view your financial data. Manage Rights module wise on View, Insert, Edit, Delete, Print or Export options. Multi-User and Audit Trail Options.

Transaction Types: Create and manage user defined transaction type to suit your organizational needs.

Accounts Dashboard

Comprehensive Accounts outlook with grabhical interface for immediate business decisions. Microsoft® Excel Integration You can export the reports to Office Excel for further analysis in just one click.

technical specifications system requirements
Microsoft tools like Visual Studio 2005 that ensures performance and ease of use. Its architecture is 3-tier that gives MoneyFacts high scalability. As with all of our products, the strictest Quality Control and Documentation methods have been adhered to ensure error-free operation. Last but not the least, MoneyFacts comes with Intelliob’s commitment to continued support, thus protecting your investment in MoneyFacts for years to come. The following operating systems are supported:
Client 32-bit: Windows XP
Database: MS SQL Server 2005
Download e-brochure for MoneyFacts in Adobe PDF format.
Download e-broucher
Visit MoneyFacts website
product demo
View online demo of Accounting Software or register for an assisted Web Accounting demo given by one of our representative or through a hosted link.
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